Wednesday, October 12, 2011

> who set the trends?

I guess birds! according to Lidewij Edelkoort birds are trend setters for autumn/winter 2011-2012.

this is what she wrote on Trend Tablet:
   "now that we have recovered from the worst and are experiencing a new fluidity
of movement, the economy and therefore culture will take us to a higher plane for a new
and even better perspective. in a positive and optimistic mood, fashion and design will take
flight and give us wings on the road to new colours, more texture and exalting creativity.

the world of birds is therefore our source of inspiration, with their interesting behaviour
patterns previewing the society of man. living in flocks they inspire us to congregate and
share, building nests and inviting us to rekindle the love and care we want to give our family
and friends; transgressing borders they install in us a new sense of freedom from convention
and control; gathering food they initiate the idea of local produce and seasonal harvest.

the collecting of twigs and debris to weave birds’ nests will inspire us to rekindle a keen
interest in artistic and crafted weaving, with designer yarns spun from opposing and
complementary matter like mohair with silk ribbons and leather and lurex.

the rituals of courting and mating by the male specimens drive us towards a more erotic
experience of the night and a more exotic take on rituals, using colour, dance and sound
as essential attributes."   — lidewij edelkoort [ photos via trend tablet]

Wow! It totally makes sense what she says. in fact that explains a lot of trends
that are out and around us nowadays!
after all everything comes from nature! the most amazing creation!
 i always say my religion is nature! when im far from natural im lost!
im myself the most when im in natural settings and behaviors!
nature defines for me anything real and organic. anything true and raw.
anything untamed and rusty. anything with cycle that come and goes.
nothing forever. nothing always. no cliche. no set rulls. no fake behavior.
that is only way for me. and nothing else would do it!

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