Thursday, September 29, 2011

> saffron did or else.....

Yesterday i got a burst of physical and mental energy! finally after four days i got out and ran like a champion! other than getting some inspiring ideas about how to explore my artistic self .......i came to believe that all it was because of saffron i put in my tea at noon time! i know saffron has anti depression effect but i never really had the experience! so if the effect was that obvious, then im really hooked! i need to get in touch with my homeland which is the land of saffron and required some freshly picked saffron! really really! i dont have much left really! i will do some scientific research in that regard soon. stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

> aesthetic aspects of things

Today im inspired again to live my artistic life to the fullest. to create and to make what i always wanted and inspired by. im overwhelmed by joy at the moment. i can do it and i will.
i found these very beautiful art pieces on etsy made by an artist. please go check her out and read how she came up to make these. very inspiring and uplifting. thank you Jessie! you made my day!
this is how she made them as she explained on her etsy site:
I lost a blue mesh shirt while tubing over waterfalls in Alabama's Cahaba river. When I found it downstream, wrapped around a rock, it gave me an idea. I scoured the bottom of the river and emerged with these four perfectly smooth stones.
I hand-dyed a soft cotton t-shirt and used a hand-shredding technique to create a fabulous lace-like texture, then sewed the fabric around the river rocks.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

> a flower is a song...

A flower is a song!
a song is a life.
life about who we are, how we feel, where we live!
this is my motto.

> Fall is here when i feel it's still summer

This is a mix media work i did about ten years ago.....journaling the process of my thinking.
(pencil, chalk. acrylic)

> my measuring cups...

These are a set of my measuring cups. i bought them at Aanthropologie. i love their shape, color and patterns. my cakes taste better since i measure the ingredients with these. believe me or not!

> glimps at corners

I love corners of my place. there are stories in every corner of my place. in fact when i think of it there is a story for every coroner in any house! rounded or sharp it depends upon how you look at it! it's again life. it can be round or sharp. it is how you make of it after all !!!

> my bathroom ...

My bathroom is small but it has a life of its own. not always clean but for sure has stories to tell you!

> my soul smiles with bluepurplish....

Could not help when i saw this dark rich purple velvety mini cala lilies. i had to have them. and then i made three more arrangements to go with it. all in one day. it was a purple day in July.

> my room

No matter where i live my room has to have these elemets: flowers arranged mostly by myself,  pepe and lio, my pillows (mostly white), my linens, and the little things i have collected carefully that have meaning. they covey a feeling or bring back a memory or remind me of other things i cherish.

> a flowershop

Visited this flower shop for the first time this August. very soulful. full of beautiful flower of season.