Tuesday, October 18, 2011

> the bike shelf story......

the bike shelf is a beautiful piece of furniture (as much as practical) by Chris Brigham. 
his story of how he worked as a graphic designer for many years for high end companies 
but wished he could make things more with his hands is kinda similar to mine in some ways!
then in some points of his life he turned his garage into a wood shop and started building 
furniture: Knife & Saw.  [he is a local designer in san francisco]

he says on his website:
" Not having a formal education in furniture design, I find myself learning a lot along 
the way, but almost always figuring it out in the end. I have a knack for reverse 
engineering and willingness to fail miserably, both of which I think help a lot......"

there is a great lesson to be learned here:
there is no reward if we fear the failure. we always survive even 
when dont know the path as long as we fallow the journey of our heart!

first his design got me interested......but then his story about how he came
to become a furniture designer stole my attention. So.... behind every great
design....there is a great person who has a surprising story to share with us!

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