Friday, October 31, 2014

and later.... after dawn....

this morning..... right before dawn....

this is what i opened my eye to this morning!
across from my bed, the little flowers in perfect light 
right before dawn
reminding of the walk i had yesterday.

it brought a smile to my face.

Im thinking....
mornings always come
then there is a promise
for unknowns yet to come

I should trust the universe
that there is always light
that darkness can become bright

there is always a chance
to start again
to learn to walk on earth
like a beginner
to wander and to trust.

i make a wish now
to be a beginner every single morning
and not take anything for granted


Thursday, October 30, 2014

just when.......

   ....... the caterpillar thought the world is over, it became a butterfly!

three months of living far.......

three months and I’m still standing here
three months and am I getting better?
three months and I still am not
three months and it’s still harder now

three months I’ve been living far
three months I’ve been far with my body but not heart
three months and I’m still breathing heavy in tears when i think of you
three months and I still remember it in disbelief
three months and I wake up wishing it never happened

dear far did you go?

A place like no others......

Between the sky and sea
there is a magical place
that is almost impossible to describe

peace lives lively
nature hugs you loudly
and colors dance brightly

days starts in beautiful mist & late
the birds chirp and whistle on bushes
and chickens have an island

where cats are adored .....
in black, golden and gray

where ...
stories have spirit
dreams become real
possibilities seem endless
and masks have a kingdom

mistletoe grow on trees
walnuts are cracked under trees
and chestnuts are for free

there is this magical place
that is not far away
where you get lost in wanderlust

I'm burning with light
that I found you, felt you, smelled you
and was touched by the kindness of your creators!

October 12-24, 20014
Moncorniel-Grazan = Cassaet

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

overflown with nostalgia......

Medical Definition of Nostalgia: A wistful or excessively sentimental sometimes 
abnormal yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition.

[photos from here]

nothing belongs to me
there is nothing mine in me

i dont belong to here or anywhere
nothing i own is mine

my emotions are not mine
my mind is from another life
the soul is passing through

when i let go of clinging mind
when i let go of my ever moving emotions
all things become just as they are
in their true essence 
nothing stays or goes

i become free

Monday, June 30, 2014


all I see is a blue wall
an ocean of blue flowers

I say dear blue dear blue...
catch my every tear
save me from my doubts
swallow me up in blue
help me touch the clouds 
as I breath in what's true

the blue says...
the words will come on cue
if you let them be true

I got lost in a blue Monday
I got lost in the thought of ....
why did she have to go away?

come back blue sky 
put a smile on my face  

come back blue sky.