Friday, October 28, 2011

> suspended dandelions...... what!......

Yes! this installation was done by German artist Regine Ramseier as
part of ArToll Summer Lab 2011 in Germany. on earth i did not come up with such crazy and beautiful idea!
i love dandelions! in fact i like them so much that every month when we kinda
have a challenging time to find a right cover photo for the magazine publication
i work for, i suggest that we put a photo of dandelions on the cover!

I am wondering what it might take to successfully transport 2000
un-puffed dandelion stems from an outdoor field into a building and
then suspend them one by one!
Apparently the flowers were first treated with a gentle adhesive before 
being placed in a special palette the artist designed to fit in the back of her 
car. After transport the entire palette system was moved into the room 
and the flowers were removed and hung one by one. And now you know 
the rest of the story. (via made in slant)

yes Steve Jobs. you were right!  just crazy and creative ones 
are those who can see the impossibles as possible!

so.......after all......our crazy ideas are the best ideas if, and only if, we
can somehow give them some kind of shapes and forms in the reality
of real world so others could see them too!

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