Saturday, October 15, 2011

> im playfully serious.....

bird's impact in the world of fashion industry is undeniable!
does everybody know that!? im wondering.....
when i read the article by
Trend Tablet i knew some bird 
theme trends that had been influencing styles recently.
but then........ the editorial designer in me could not help 

but to give myself an assignment to come up with some
matched images that explore how birds can be inspirational
in fashion or such industries.

and......... owe my gosh
i could not believe my own eyes what i was discovering along
my intensive one day project. perhaps my assignment took me 
way too far (as you see above i got carried away with many match
made in heaven images!) but i could not stop myself from searching 
for more bird photos and then matching a fashion influenced moment 
by that bird to create each set above.

now im totally convinced that anyone in fashion industry 
from designers to stylists, photographers, color setters, 
set designers....or else study birds, their environment, behaviors, 
surroundings, how they fly, how they stand and much more
when they get into such a business.

here is a summery of my observation:

1) fashion industry could not survive without birds.
2) almost all trends, styles, color theme, fashion behaviors come 

    from birds
3) birds are very influential creatures
4) all people in such industry consult birds before they set a new 

     trend, color theme, or else
5) birds understanding of color theory is beyond any human imagination
6) birds are living art creations
7) if birds can have such power in fashion god knows what 

    impact other creatures (butterflies ...sea animal...etc) have had!
8) go find a bird for any creative idea when you are brainstorming
9) consult a bird if you want to make a fashion statement with your outfit
10) study birds to learn about color harmony
11) watch some fascinating short videos posted in [Birds/Super Stars]
       section by Trend Tablet

kidding aside.........i took this assignment very seriously! 

p.s.......none of the images are mine but i simply borrowed each from
different online sources for just the purpose of playing with them and
matching them with one another. thank you to all you online people
who posted a photo that inspired me for doing such a fun totally
self-instructed project. each matched photo is inspired by some
details i found in texture, form, shape, color, or feeling it conveys. 

and......this was again a reminder for me that all human's inspirations
come form nature and nothing else!

recommendation....... if you need a quick pick me up thing watch
this or this or this or more from short videos mentioed in (11 above)
they make you forget about your worries and realize that universe is
a fascinating place to be part of!

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