Monday, October 31, 2011

> natural organic way of living.....

this is exactly what im experimenting with!
working with natural dyes to make impressions. it is a very organic process.
you have some ideas where to start and the process itself has its own life.
it takes you where ever. you just have to trust it. like anything in life.
you have an intention, a goal, a mission, but cant be obsessed about the
end result. you have to be open and flexible around what the outcome might be! 
and the truth of matter is that it barley goes your way all the way. it should not. 
its a living process. its not a computer program that goes from dot to dot 
straight with no mistakes. we are organic beings with feelings and ups and downs.
we change our mind all the time and we are evolving! so why not things we do 
and projects in life we take not have change of directions and organic process.
anyhow........i love what im experimenting. its sooooo my way of making 
things in art, or even baking.... cooking.....spending my every day.....working 
at the office...etc anything with fixed result would kill my spirit........ usually i 
start with a recipe and then some where along the way i get lost fallowing.....
at the end i barely know what my cakes or cookies recipes were! they are 
never the same. the ingredients change even making  the same recipe. 
the anticipation of what would come out of oven is life for me! i dont care 
to fallow the recipe step by step to make a perfect cake but i trust me 
coming up with other ways of making whatever im making!......and.....not always
the result is appealing. i make many mistakes. maybe too many. but i
can not help myself. that is the only way i know how to do things and live my life! 
i cant make the same thing twice. cant have fix ideas. cant live fixed ideas!
and definitely cant expect same outcomes! my ideas changing all the time.
im not clear about lots of things but im very sure that life is all about an
organic takes courage to live it organically without 
fallowing any recipe!

[ the fotos are not mine since i dont have a good camera yet. i kindly borrowed
them from bloom magazine by lidewij fdelkoort because they simply and
beautifully show what i am working on these days. it shows how im doing
my projects, or better say how im living my life in every moment! really really! ]

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