Tuesday, October 4, 2011

> my steps towrds becoming textile artist...

I just ordered this hand spun art yarn on etsy from Drucilla Pettibone. im super exited.
in fact it is the highlight of my day. i have some ideas how i want to make something out of it. but
also i might just wear it as it is or add some other things to it and come up with a new wearable art!
dont know yet until i see and feel it in my hands. its already a piece of art though. tea-dyed, spun
with shredded lace and natural white and grey wools from Shetland sheep at the local Rare Find Farm.
thank you Drucilla for the amazing process you went through to make it. (wonder what kind
of name is her name!) ......afterall maybe i just hang it in my room so it becomes one of those
things that i cant live without. who knows!

living an artistic life means taking an organic path in everything you do. nothing is certain. everything flows.
you start with some intentions but you stay open to what the process might take you and unfolds!
hope i can apply this to my every step!

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  1. eli, thanks for this lovely post!! i cannot wait to see what the yarn becomes in your hands.