Sunday, October 23, 2011

> Elham is crowned "Kent Village of The Year 2011"



Elham is a village in east Kent situated in the Elham Valley
(p.s. Kent is a county in southeast England). It is situated deep 
in the heart of the Outstanding Natural Beauty of England which 
is the area of countryside considered to have significant landscape 
value in England. Whilst much of the countryside surrounding the 
village is arable farmland. there are still patches of unimproved or 
semi-improved grassland where wildlife is allowed to flourish 
such as Baldock Downs and Hall Downs. It also has a rich heritage 
that stretches back thousands of years.

my story...
I never have liked my full name Elham! sounds too serious! too rigid!
in farsi it means inspiration and that is the only part i like about my full name!
but considering the fact that most people do not like their name, i stopped 
fussing about it and picked my simple nickname eli to live with!
(the graphic designer in me like it with lower case "e")
But ....
today i feel so different when through a friend of mine i received 
some info about my name and what "belongs" to me "officially"! 
now that i have a land in England named for me....with exact kind
of natural beauty and surrounding i like......i reclaim my name back
i want to own my name and learn about what i have over there in Kent!
i wonder could it be that my root goes to that land even though i think 
im african! could it be that im a little British after all or perhaps Kentish! 
(my little funny accent people ask me about could explain that part possibly!)

i'm delighted to announce that Elham has been voted 
'Kent Village of the Year 2011'. it is awarded as the winner 
in the Environment category, runner up in the social action 
and economy categories which whatever that means i feel very honored!
but even more.....
there are Famous and Notable People in and around the Elham Valley.
(could it be that those are my head is spinning now!)

at the end.....
all kiding going to take the knowledge and run with it:
1) i have a village with my name....a beautiful land with natural surrounding.
2) there are famous people related to me.
3) still there is more for me to discover about Elham Valley! 
4) I have an answer to where to go if i want to leave to a new land to live!

funny and powerful enough...
i already feel deep inside that im connected to Elham Valley in Kent.
what else i could ask for from universe! i feel im on top of the world!   

photos of my properties and the surrounding: Kent's Elham Valley!
(cant wait to see my land in person!)

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