Friday, October 14, 2011

> dont take life for granted....

Yes.  i mean it.  it just hit me strongly today while im dealing with some very imporatant matter in my life now that maybe i've been taking my life for granted for quite sometimes! and all this happening to me to shake me up and make me realize life is a gift regardless and we should not take any moment of it for granted!

the fotos are via Trend Tablet in their palntbooming story:
San Francisco-based urban knitter Heather Powazek Champ and guerrilla gardener Derek Powazek decided to combine their forces and came up with the the very best of both worlds. The couple started installing so-called ‘plant pockets’, low-maintenance species in beautifully hand-knitted yarn pockets, all over San Francisco. They call their project "Plantbombing," and it combines Heather's love of "urban knitting" and Derek's skill at gardening.
Using yarn, a bit of soil, and some hardy plants, the result is a hands-off, smile-inducing work of art. Derek gives some advice on selecting suitable species like  Echeveria and  Aeonium - two plants that do quite well in San Francisco climate. Do it yourself : all details are on their websites….

see....creativity has no limits, shapes or forms...... as far as you can imagine you can create!

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