Monday, October 10, 2011

> my wandering heart...

my heart wanders by pia jane bijkerk is a book by another amazing international 
artist i came to know. although I have not seen the book yet but it is going to be in my
list to find it soon. i can't help myself  but loving her photos posted on her website.
(scroll to right and left to see her images on the site.)
she must be one of those who really listens to her heart. and apparently has lived in
many parts of the world as she desired. she lives in a houseboat in Amsterdam now.

why im writing about her is the little note on her blog that touched my soul:
"Four years ago something very peculiar happened.  
my heart wandered!
it simply packed its suitcase and wandered away.
i wrote it a letter in heart language. but it never responded.
so what does one do when one's heart wanders?"
she wrote.

her words are simply tell me that a wandering heart can't be dismissed or ignored! 
I wonder about those of us who are dealing with wandering hearts at this moment!
what happens if we all decide to fallow our hearts honestly and nothing could stop us.
what would be our journey then? where it take us!  what if ..............i wonder!
I wonder about my wandering heart! how about you?

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