Saturday, October 22, 2011

> art or toilet paper rolls? your choice......

If toilet paper rolls (that nobody gives any credit but tossing them out into recycle bin) 
can be such amazingly art ..... then .... im thinking itself is really how we see it!
one's realty is what one chooses to be reality? what our mind think of reality is what we
get to live with! it is that simple. no other rules apply. there is no reality outside our mind!
it is what we make out of it! ..............and that is the only rule!

Yuken Teruya wrote about his roll paper project:
"Toilet rolls sprouting and spreading branches are installed to a wall to create a forest.
There is a moment when the cut-out branches and leaves start holding themselves up
with their own strength. It is as if I am helping the paper awakens its ability to come to life."

p.s. i always wanted to do something with my toilet paper rolls. in fact i used to pile them
up in baskets thinking some ideas would come to me eventually! they have perfect cylander
shape made with brown cardboard that already is recycled material. very inspiring!
getting to them after using all the white wrapped paper is like a reward every time!
call me crazy but that is how i feel about it! and that it is part of my reality!

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