Sunday, October 9, 2011

> for the love of books or.....

dearest Lisa Occhipinti ,
Oh my gosh......where have you been!
I love love your book chandeliers as well as other mixed media paintings!
your work is just way too inspiring for me to forget! I would fallow you where ever you go!

In her own words this is what Lisa says about the process:
" Always allured by the visual stability of pattern, I work to draw a line to that of textiles and the pattern 
that exists in nature, at a cellular level. These mixed media paintings and drawings explore the idea that simple shapes and abstract composition are a reflection of organic geometries in all things living. 

Reference books on textile design, images of microscopic flora cells and theories of Jungian psychology, which turns a lens inward on the subconscious, act as source material. I translate the internal and invisible, that is the premise of being, into the tangible means of color and pattern.

Rounded forms are symbols of the cyclical anatomy of natural and universal processes. They are the notion of endlessness. Book pages are integrated as evidence of the human mind and hand at work, unabatingly attempting to comprehend the world. Pages are silenced words."

and that is very well written about how i feel about organic shapes and patterns and old paper and books! 
she could be my other half that has been buried underneath my distractions of ordinary life! 
i totally relate to her imagination, her way of using shapes, pattens, texture, and the 
materials she works with. i really feel her work! just seeing her pieces make me wanting 
badly to dig in deep within myself and bring out my unexpressed desires and untold stories!

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