Monday, October 17, 2011

> its not the same monday..........

today monday october seventeen is one of those days in my life i can never forget!
it feels like just a new me came to life!

last night after i got home i started applying my ideas i'd had into making some 
textile wearable necklaces for the first time in my life.
also....... i started a new series of cards with combination of fiber and drawing!
the new ideas were pouring out of me like there is no tomorrow. i was drawing, 
twisting..... knotting...... gluing like never seen before! i was non-stoppable.
came up with two necklaces and many cards! finally i mailed some papers and documents needed to be sent by me. 
these requested important papers had been hunting me for the last three weeks. i was very
heavy about the situation! so by sending the papers on their way i suddenly felt light came 
through my day!

then....... right after...... i had a conversation with my spanish sister in spain when she told me 
she had a strange dream about me in her mornig time which was exactly my last night time here.
that i had a huge house in Russian hill in SF made of glass so that everybody could see my life.
a house full of beautiful plants and flowers. then she saw me laying on the floor with 
a baby in my belly. she could see though my skin that baby was perfect and ready to come!

such a wired but powerful dream!.....she is a very soulful being and i knew exactly what her 
dream meant! to me, her dream was announcing exactly my state of being last night when the 
real artist in me was coming out of her cocoon and making things! i barley slept through night! 
it was crazy and i could not even recognize myself then!
(will post the pieces i made last night later as soon as i can photogragh them)

after our conversation i felt this is it. i could not take anything for granted anymore.
i am ripe and ready to make things. its my production time. cant neglect any more minutes!

i was soooooo inspired and motivated that i went and got tons more material 
for my yet-to-come wearable fiber accessories....and else!

then.......when i got home i opened this new post from cannelle et vanille.
{i cant get enough of her food + photogarphy blog}
the beautiful fall foliage photos are from her amazing post:
Food Styling & Photography in La Dordogne
(the walnut shelves and autumn have been my all time favorite combination!)

today....... i feel blissfully content ........and against all odds....... today is monday!

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