Saturday, March 17, 2012

the story of new additions.......

i got two new cups
finished with a crackled turquoise glaze
they seem culled from a forgotten china cabinet
they took me back to some nostalgic memories!
made in Portugal.
they steered up my old desire of wanting to live in another land.
perhaps portugal.

could not help myself
but to fall in love as soon as i spotted them

today i found them again
sitting here in my kitchen table
they are too romantic to be ignored
i had to photo shoot them too

click click and click

the afternoon arrived
it's time for tea in my new cups

life is sweet
life is drinking a cup of tea
in a "tea-rific" cup i have in my hand
and that is all
life is
nothing more
nothing less
but drinking tea in my new additions!

[bought them at anthropologi]

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