Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Forough Farrokhzad's poem.......

بهار آمده است
و من به جستجوی جفت خویش خواهم رفت

پرنده از ایوان
پرید ، مثل پیامی پرید و رفت
پرنده کوچک بود
پرنده فکر نمیکرد پرنده روزنامه نمیخواند
پرنده قرض نداشت
پرنده آدمها را نمیشناخت
پرنده روی هوا
و بر فراز چراغ های خطر
در ارتفاع بی خبری میپرید
و لحظه های آبی را
 دیوانه وار تجربه میکرد
 پرنده ، آه ، فقط یک پرنده بود

this poem "The bird was just a bird"
by forough farrokhzad is just so touching & beautiful
 it's talking about a bird who flew away from balcony
who was like a message and was gone
a little bird
who did not think
did not read newspaper
did not owe anybody
did not know people
who in the air
over the danger of light poles
in the height of unknown
crazily was experiencing 
blue moments
the was just a bird

[p.s.  its my rough translation i just did wothout much of editing!]
if i find a better translation i would post it for you.

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