Sunday, March 25, 2012

call it a supreme day.......

on my "just-bought" new notebook from japan,
"if present unhappiness is compared with 
big unhappiness, feelings become easy a little. 
Moreover, present unhappiness will bring 
happiness in the future."

i had a supreme day!

started as a rainy day!
i had to be in the city for a workshop.
driving, parking, and making it to the
class at 10am all together was not like; 
ohhhhh..... how wonderful! cant wait!
(honestly i did not want to go to city at
such early hours on sat morning for any
kind of classes!)
the photo workshop was just OK!
nothing special! the guy was talking way
too fast and i did not have my own camera
(i borrowed one) to really apply what
he was going over!

left the class with the promise of meeting a
dear "half japanese half persian" friend of
mine who i adore and love in japan town. 

and....all i knew after 6 hours......
i was still in the area exploring all things
Japaneses! alone by myself, regardless of
how wet my socks inside the boots were,
i did not want to go home yet!

i told myself: "this was one of my best rainy
days ever in SF as far as i remember." yes!
it really turned to be a supreme day after all
in an spontaneous sort of way!

(i took the photos above with my shoot &
go camera after finishing a matcha latte!
while i was sipping....i was soooo thinking
everything japanese! (i had been always
fascinated with japaneses art and sense
of design, ink paintings, geisha culture, & else!)

by the time i left i was convinced i was half Japanese!
(just dont ask my mom about that because she
would deny it!).........hee hee hee

i wont go through details of what i did for 6 hours,
im leaving you with a quote by
the Japanese Zen Monk
Kozan Ichikyo: 
“Empty-handed I entered the world
Barefoot I leave it.
My coming, my going
Two simple happenings
That got entangled.”

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