Saturday, March 3, 2012

the mother of yarn bombing.........

a letter from  me to Magda Mayeg:

Oh dear Magda.....I am truly in love with what
you have done around the world. your work to me
is like knitting the generational gaps together! you give
colors, life, and warmth to still life, bored spots, and
neglected everyday places! it's like your knitting
give hugs to all people and places! the fact that you,
i only assume, get many people involved to accomplish
such big scale projects even make them more amazing
and fun! i would really love to be involved in one of
your projects if you ever come to san francisco bay area
to knit, crochet, or cover anything, anywhere! we can
knit parts of golden gate bridge perhaps or trees in the
park in front of de young museum or............
please keep kitting until you cover the entire globe with
warmth and hugs! .......warm regards.................eli

[photos via her website]

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