Saturday, March 3, 2012

The kimono connection ........

"Mamechiyo describes her kimonos as modern landscapes, where the Eastern
and Western worlds collide. Her kimonos are akin to puzzle pieces, bridging
disparate moments in history: both contemporary and classical. Often coordinated
with different obis depending on the occasion, Mamechiyo’s creations mirror
significant shifts in the global imagination.

There are no boundaries for Mamechiyo; the old and the new worlds stand side
by side,  illuminating what it means to live in an increasingly intimate world, where
memories of the past and dreams of the future are inescapably entangled. As we
share more of our lives with the rest of the world, we cannot help but be energetically
transformed by these cross-cultural exercises of style and censorial didactic."

(story by Beth Lauck about the work of Japanese kimono designer,
Mamechiyo, featured on trend tablet)

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