Tuesday, March 13, 2012

green is in......it's March after all.......

"Green is the official color of this month" i said to myself this morning!
do you remember how obsessed i was with pink last month!
green is my new pink for this month!
every turn i make i see something in green! no other color matters anymore!
i mean..... i don't see anything else but.....! i'm blind sided by green!
even today, as rainy and grayish as it turned to be, when i made
a trip to grocery store it seemed everybody had something green on!
you can not miss the fresh green leaves and blooms in all gardens at
this time of the year....but i feel i notice more green "things" than usual!

i almost bought a green summery tshirt and a jacket yesterday too!

I said to myself while driving to work; "it is March after all!"
in less than a week the spring equinox happens!
also, St Patrick's day celebration is coming up too!
and all these could be the reason i'm a bit obsessed with green!
(I have a new love for all things Irish since there is an amazing
Irish girl in our family who i get to know and adore like a sister!)

So....to calm down my obsessive compulsive craving for all things
green i thought I would put together a green post on my blog for
you to see how i'm visually and mentally entertained with the idea
of green color in everything for this month!

the first photo is via the recent post from my favorite food blogger  
cannelle et vanille that i just fell in love this morning! and then
there is this raw green layered cake by Helena Nyblom posted on  
green kitchen stories that i so so badly want to make soon!

a green rug in my bedroom, and driving such an old green car on
a country side road would be dreams come true! also......i would
love to go to a wedding that the bride has such skirt and bouquet
instead of usual boring just all white dress! (image via here)

and then.... for adorable Irish girl in our family..... i'm honoring
all things Irish this year more than ever in my life!
anybody out there wants to go for an irish cream? i'm in!

also im posting a photo of the textile green necklace i made not
long ago! and..... i found very fun bookmarks made by this shop
on Etsy that are too cool to miss!

my love for simple white-greenish flowers (in this case dogwood
blossom) is just indescribable!

i found these the photos of eggs, and glasses with bleached preserved
flowers and green seals are just nostalgically amazing!

and.... there is this recipe "pistachio muffins" from another favorite
food blogger La tartine gourmande that has been in my list of
baking projects for a year! (i might just go ahead and make it this
year for St Patrick's day!)

at the end....there is a photo of my watercolor stitched
art card from green poppy series i made a month ago!

so.........you see...... how my day has been occupied by green
thyme! sitting here at the office working in such gray day was not
too bad, when in fact, all i did was daydreaming of all things green!

call me crazy...... but that has been the reality of my rainy gray
tuesday! ........happy March to all of you out there!

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  1. Love your Green blog.... pictures are adorable....

    I want some of those Pistacho muffins too.. :)