Friday, November 25, 2011

> oh no! holiday season is here....

If you ask me what is the hight light of the holiday season for you?
my response would be: first witnessing such outstanding change of
colors in nature. second, having seasonal flowers/seeded greens.
and third, having unlimited fresh cranberries in the market!
honestly these pretty much sum up the spirit of the holiday season for me!

i made these arrangements for me and friends the day before thanksgiving.
the smell of fresh eucalyptus leaves........the playfulness of seeded eucalyptus
flowers.... are my all time weaknesses! when i saw the seeded greens at the
market that day i had to get them. then i ended up buying more flowers to go
with greens! as usuall and more likely than not i find myself attracted to
greens and leaves (fillers) than actual flowers per se.

i made a couple more arrangements with ever greens and silver dust leaves
which i will photograph later!

so....after all......its officially holiday season in my house!

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