Sunday, November 20, 2011

> the day after ........

its sunday. rain just stopped. everything outside looks so innocent, pure, and
peaceful....yet loud and beautiful. it was pouring water a couple of minutes ago!

there is a big hole on top of my convertible which caused by some people
who wanted to either break my heart or break into my car the other night.
(they did not break my heart but left a big cut on my car!)
the bucket i left on the front passenger sit perhaps is already
filled with rain water ( i think it rained through the entire night).

my tows and fingers are very cold.....
im anxious to wash off the red dye off my hair i just put half an hour ago....
im listening to "song for the earth" by Michael Jones on my pandora  radio.....

and.... in the mist of all these and lots more details of my every day things.......
i have such an amazing feeling that its hard to describe in words!
its like the feeling we have when we think every things are going to be alright!
i feel very lucky!
i feel very fortunate to be able to have a little bit of consciousnesses here
and there to get a grasp of what life is all about (not always but enough)
to keep me content.... within.....and happy......regardless!

and also....... im feeling very joyful looking at these flowers from
flower school. i wish i could have one such arrangement right now to put it
in the bucket of water in my car waiting to be emptied!

also.....these are the things from yesterday that im still enjoying thinking about.....
 } i made some phone calls to spread my joyous feelings towards my dear ones!
 } i smiled at a very handsome guy on my way to get  a soy late and he smiled back very sweetly.
 } i felt so much love towards my beautiful cousin who is doing amazingly her best to manage her life.
 }  in honor of eli's national day she and myself picked two lotteries each of us (super lotto plus and mega
     millions) believing that we would win something (however in my heart i was already a winner.)
 } i bought two (could not choose) amazing chemotherapeutic hand soaps (lemon verbena and basil
    scent) that im in love with and can smell the scent at this very moment from my hands.)
    (looking for excuses to wash my hands as often as i could since i got them last night!)

and..... of course there were many little unpleasant moments yesterday that i went
through but after all none really bothered me too much. it was my national day any way!

and......i really do hope i can carry this state of being with me through my every day
always no matter what im going through!

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