Saturday, November 19, 2011

> november ninetheen two thousand eleven....

November 19 has played a big roll in my life history!
therefore...... im going to announced it eli's national day!
coincidentally many major things happen in nov 19 through years
for me that made me believe that our lives is calculated after all!
we just need to live it though and go further to be able to look
back and say: aha! now i got it! that was why.....

today i feel like this woman in Picasso's painting....
full. very full. calm. taken care of. content.....and....within myself!
i feel very happy in a new way. very grateful for life i have!
i feel i'm one of the luckiest human beings!
and i feel the rest of my life is going to be very
very ok....regardless of what where when!

its another november 19th with its big surprises for me.
im done. im clear. im free at last!
i feel on top of my world!
happy eli's day everyone!

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