Tuesday, November 8, 2011

> a living journal ......

I fell in love with Sabrina Ward Harrison journals years ago when it just came out.
bright colors, honest, raw and simple expression of her thoughts, art, and words.
her work for me was proof that we dont need to be skilled artist to express ourselves.
we all have the artist in us. if we allow it to come out! if we are not busy with doing
things and filling our minutes fallowing the norms! if we stay quiet and shut the noise from
outside world. if and only if we listen to our heart and inner self  kindly and respectfully!

there is an artist in each of us!
call it out. let it say something. let it express itself... 
let it sing. dance. let it be loud! very loud!

Sadrina said in her site:
" I am striving to create both a visual and emotional unfolding through the textural
interchange of photography, sound, collage, film and found objects . As you observe, 
as you listen may you rest into that place where this moment and your memory, exist."

[p.s. just ordered two of her books to give as gifts or keep! we'll see]

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