Saturday, November 12, 2011

> more reasons to love textile....

potos are from various interior concepts in vtwonen which is a wonderful Dutch
magazin. i am inspired with many ideas from their take on interiors and objects.
ideas coming form Netherland, Denmark and Sweden are super interesting and
fresh and creative. i dont mind to live in danmark for a while if i get a chance!

so today i created another winter wish/to-do-list on top of hundred other ideas
floating in my head: 
1) knit up some socks for my tables, chairs or stools
2) wrap up the handles of my "things" with fabrics/felt
3) make/knit matching tea cosy, cup holder and lamp's cover all from the same yarn
4) search to learn how to create that hanging huge chair
5) crochet/knit a swing for next summer using heavy mixed cotton/felt yarns

you see what happens to me!.....its has been my pattern always!
i get sooooo exited....sooooo full with ideas.....sooooo overwhelmed with things
to do that i panic when where how to start!.....and... next thing i know is another
hundred new ideas in my list when i have not even started exploring the old ones!!

do you see my dilemma!?

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