Thursday, February 16, 2012

what you do when u get roses.....

little i knew when i said NO i did not want
roses specially pink or red on valentine day.
the next thing i knew on the day after
was a little vase with a pink & a red rose on my table
how that happened!
does universe listen to us at all!?

they are so imperfectly perfect
that i had to photograph them today
for the first time ever photographing roses! they are......
with my simple shoot and go camera
my first collection of rose photos!
not too bad....dont you think

[p.s. there is no photoshop editing, cropping or else in these photos.
they are shown here as raw as possible off my camera memory!]

im a little exited for my pink rose
it looks such a perfect flower after all!

again the lesson learned
never say never.

thinking to photograph the red one too!
so............stay tuned......

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