Saturday, February 11, 2012

day 11....quote 11..........

hee hee hee......
fall in chocolate quote campaign!
created by me and solved by me.
sometimes i totally loose myself....
i forget what was my intention to
begin with........cant help it!!
the graphic designer in me takes
over! i love playing with words!
i fall for shape of things! the outlines!
it's a gesture that invites me to play!

perhaps that is why i love simple
drawings with charcoal! simple lines!
less is more! you dont need to feel
the space! let the white space stay clean!
let the stokes speak for themselves!

anyhow.......this is the love quote for today.
(read this if you are totally lost!)

[p.s. chocolate images are not mine though!
they are from here and here. i like their simplicities

and played a bit with quote around them....]

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