Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feb 29 leap year.....are u proposing!....

and finally we got to the cream of this month,
February 29, the extra day in  2012!
you lovely friends out there do you have
your proposal ready for today?
are you asking him to marry you!

this month has been extraordinary in every way
i can think of.....a february full of love and love
and more every direction in my life.
few bumps but i jumped over and pass them!
i've seen many beautiful inspiring things
and have had heartfelt meaningful connections!
i have accomplished lots in "searching for my
artistic self project" that im so so so exited about!
i have fallowed up with my promise in the beginning
of the month to post a love quote a day every day
to spice up my own love life if nothing else!
(and believe me that was not easy to be committed
to one topic for an entire month ) but i did it.
(i might have missed a day or two late posts! na!)
also, there have been some loved ones who i have
been out of touch totally and we got in touch again
out of blue this month!......stories....laughter shared
and that made me feel people come to your life and
go out of your life all for reasons. but all even those
who are gone still stay with you for the rest of your life!
they become part of who you really are!

however today....... i decided to marry myself!

i vow myself to be more than ever and ever committed
to who i am and want to be! to the true pure still little me 
who just wants to be free of possessing anything or be
possessed by anybody, anything! to eli who wants to
live life filled with love, art, music, dance, passion,
compassion and courage regardless of when, how,
where, or with whom, and under any circumstances!

and......... that is the vow i take today.
and to be honest with you all out there......
i feel soooooo blessed with my life and what i have
been through and how everything step by step got me
closer to a day like today that i am very clear about
many things in my life! really really!
also... i hope this marriage allow me to grow more,
learn more and become a true transparent person
i want to be by the end....i want to grow old with
this eli i know now!

so here you go my marriage vow:

I, eli, take you, eli, for my lawful soulmate, 
to have and to hold, 
from this day forward, 
for better, 
for worse, 
for richer, 
for poorer, 
in sickness 
and in health, 
until death do us part.
(or in my case....until death make us just one)

 [ fotos of leap years via here and the last one via here ]

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