Wednesday, February 1, 2012

it's february and it's a leap year.............

It is the beginning of the february and this year as a leap year we 
have 29 days in this month. so the year is 366 days.
the truth is that the commercialized overrated celebration of valentine 
has killed true meaning of love/red/heart shape things or anything 
related to that concept over the years for me! 
however i have some beautiful people around me who are born in this 
month so i somehow celebrate february and valentine in some shapes 
or forms with them! (p.s. i've never been a fan of doing anything special 
in valentine with boy friends either since i dont like any "framed" day to 
celebrate a real connection with a lover!

anyhow.........regardless of all i said...... a very silly idea (project) 
just came over me today for celebration of this leap year;
every day of this month i post one quote about "love" with some 
related photo which either created by myself or other artists!
So.... this way...... first.....I, myself  explore the idea of what the true 
love is according to ones who said somethings meaningful about it, 
second i discipline myself to do some research on a every day base,
regardless of other things i do or (other ideas i might write about) 
and i do my best to stay committed to this one as long as 29 days! 
(which believe me it can be a long time for the kind of artist i am!)  
but also, the little "eli" in me who used to draw hearts in every corner 
 notebook gets a chance to come out and play/draw and explore  
the concept of heart again!

who knows...... maybe by doing this i can tickle a bit my own heart to 
create a buzz for finding a lover again!

very very important to know......
did you know that this is registered officially in the history: 
Leap Day Tradition: The one day of the year on which,
traditionally, women can propose to men.  now how good is that! you are.........the quote for today Feb first 2012:

" If you could only love enough, you could 
be the most powerful person in the world. "           
- Emmet Fox

happy february 2012 everyone! 

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