Tuesday, February 7, 2012

pink fever.....

the story.....
ok! i dont like pink. period. like many other people im not a pink
person! or at least that is what i thought!
yes yes ive been told at the end of the day you are still a girl who
supposed to enjoy pink roses and.......but not really ........specially
the soft, pale kind!

but then comes three stems of the most amazing pink flowers on
my kitchen table ive been in love with for the last couple of days!
two stems of camellia (which i never cared enough in the past
and they come in different shades of pink) and a stem of daphne.

i received three camellias (on a baskets of freshly picked lemons)
from a very special guest i had the other day. i gave one stem to
my neighbor and took two home......and then later the daphne
stem sneaked into my day adventure by a man with green thumb
i met in the market when he offered me this beautiful old bottle
with the stem of a little powerful beauty!

and the smell of it........oh my goodness.........cant stop sniffing
every time i pass it.........somethings between lemon/orange blossom
but sweeter it is one of my very very favorite scented flower.

so...as the result of the these three pink stems who have 
occupied my heart i come to re evaluate my relationship with
pink! now i believe that all these pink stories are here for a reason
and they are teaching me something.......... .that perhaps could be:
there in nothing in life that i should say i dont like!
everything, everybody, every experience should be given many
chances to come and go in my journeys before i close the doors.
things i think i dont like once can in fact grow on me if i let them.
the saying that "never say never" applies beautifully here! im in
love with these soft pinky flowers in front of me like you can not
believe it! i did not know i could care for pink this much ever!
{p.s. you have no idea how many guys lost their chances of wining
my heart when they offered me pink flowers!!......  hee hee hee}

anyhow.........after all.......at the end of the day, yes, im still a girl
who enjoys all the beauties life can offer me in the simplest way!
and.... i am very grateful to be able to feel that way. really really!

[fotos by me this morning with my simple shoot and go camera]

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