Wednesday, December 7, 2011

> revisiting flora grub.......

i might seem a bit obsessed with flora grub and maybe i am!
the email i just wrote about in my past post took me back to 
their site and i could not help but falling for these two photos.
soft deep purple touches in these two shots took my breath away!
i think i posted these fotos before but who really cares......
all matters is that they made my moments at this time again.
thank you Flora Grub for being in my life!

[note: i got some dark purple berries today from a tree and brought
them home with me.....they are very beautiful and i tried to do some 
experimental foto shooting! but so far none have come out how i wanted.
when i just saw the photos above i think they touched my yearning to be 
able to photograph the berries on my table in such soft rich way!]
however ........
i have not given up yet! stay tuned.......

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