Thursday, December 1, 2011

> Canon EOS 20D in my hands......

today i decided to take random shots around the house with the camera i
borrowed. it was the first time ive ever got to use a real and professional camera!
i was anxious to see how my photos would turn out!
i thought it would be easy now that i have a real camera to make soft edges in my
captures (like some focus spots and out of focus around it) however after taking
two dozens of shots as you see above still none of my photos came out with
soft edge/out of zoom effect i wanted to create!
i did played with dif. lenses in the raw format zooming in and out but the
outcomes seemed still very focus and sharp and not what i was hoping for!

i guess i have lots to learn in photography before i can make my photos the way
i dream of making them! just having the right camera is not going to do the magic
and i need to gain some skills to be able to do the magic!!

realizing that, made me think of how in life nothings is
earned easily. in fact we have to work hard for things we want!
unfortunately, speaking of myself most of the times i simply rely 
on my talent to get what i want! i dont work too hard for things 
i personally like. rather i switch to other things when there is a
obstacle along my way! the stage of  my life when im determined more than ever
to fallow my dreams and  live what i love....... i need to learn to work harder. 
i need to have more discipline in order to get where i want to be!

this quote simply says what i need to learn:
"Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual 
from the successful one is a lot of hard work."   John Wooden

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