Tuesday, December 20, 2011

> my december wishes.....

my simple feelings.....desires....carvings....thoughts....wishes for the 
next two weeks still left of this year in not any particular order....are:

) get on a truck (above) and drive in snow on a country side road
) keep making the orange cover dark-chocolate candies i just made
  while oranges are in season
) paint/photograph the quinces sitting in a wooden ball in my 
  living room for a week now
) find vintage glass plates with unusual/earthy colors
) keep my vase full of amaryllis as long as they are in season
) get some flower bulbs for indoor so i can witness their growth
) make a deep dark flour-less chocolate cake/souffle sometimes
) find a flowery wall paper to cover part of my bedroom wall
) eat many many pomegranates
) improve my photography with the real camera

perhaps there are more that i cant remember right now!

[potos barrowed from ikea's blog or flicker]

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