Wednesday, December 7, 2011

> three times the charm........

Today was a red+purple kind of day......

I was getting ready to get out in the morning and thought of adding a bit of color to my
purple stocking i already had on...... so after trying different color socks i settled with a
pair of red knee high socks and wore it on top of purple stocking. when i put my boots
on the red just showed a bit above my boots under my knee. i kinda liked it! looked
perfect for the day i had ahead! (accompanied with dark blue skirt and a gray jacket)
[wish i had taken photos to post!]
later during the day a friend was showing me some beautiful hand crafted textile she got
in her trip. i spotted a combination of red and purple fabric in one of the hand sewn designs.
it was amazingly beautiful to see them together again. playful and lovely!
[no photos either ]
and now while i was checking my mails i just found the images above one after another
in the newsletter i received from my favorite Flora Grub. the shots of air plants are
much more rich and vibrant with such backgrounds.
so my color lesson for the day learned!
purple+red together is the new added color combination in my color study board.
keep that in mind!

{photos via Flora Grub}

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