Tuesday, December 6, 2011

> Mistletoe + cinnamon coffee cake......

photos are from yesterday and today with my little cannon shoot and go
camera  (not the professional one). I made a couple of flower arrangements
(both were gifts for friends), baked and gift wrapped gluten free almond
cinnamon coffee cakes. also i arranged a big bunch of fresh mistletoes
i got on sunday with their little clear whitish berries in a vintage silver bowl!

it feels like im finally getting into the spirit of holiday season!
[i had not baked for a long long time. the smell of cinnamon
through the house was amazing while the little loafs were baking.......
and the taste ......even better than smell.........scrumptious!

i think it's the first time i got fresh mistletoe for myself {got some in the
past years but mostly to give as gifts]. they are absolutely adorable.
lets see what its supposedly mystical power would bring me!

i just did a little search to see what the original plant look likes and this is
what i found:
mistletoe is a parasitic plant, it grows on the branches or trunk of a tree
and actually sends out roots that penetrate into the tree and take up nutrients.
But mistletoe is also capable for growing on its own............from the earliest
times mistletoe has been one of the most magical, mysterious, and sacred
plants of European folklore. read on if you wish to know more.......

happy mistletoe season everyone!

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