Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Matthew Jenson.....

I found Matthew Jenson print series on little paper planes.
it was an immediate love for his work the way he did his presentation.
it was an assurance to my belief that art can be found in everyday life.....
things we see (or in that regard miss to see), pass by, neglet, run over,
step upon, threw in garbage, underestimate depreciate......
all it takes is a new perspective to find ecstatic beauty in our ordinary life!

on the site i read:
"Matthew Jensen explores history and place in humble, roundabout 
ways. Using the most unassuming methods of walking, picking up 
forgotten litter, noticing trees, Jensen assembles specific and 
rigorously thorough portraits of locations. His concrete images 
are cataloged as expertly as forensic evidence, but the everyday 
items and places Jensen selects invite us to dream about the 
lives of other people, and the history of the soil beneath our feet."

read an interview with him here:

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