Sunday, January 1, 2012

> the end ..... the beginning ......

what a year it was 2011...
and what a year it's going to be 2012.....

2011 was a year of challenges and lessons for me.
if i have learned anything going through it all it would be
the understanding that things happen in life for reasons.
it's not what we think or want, most of times, but rather
it is towards a bigger picture that we cant see when we
are in it! the challenge is to trust the fact that at the
end things happen for us to grow in the journey of life!
if we learn a lesson, great....and... if not we might
experience the same experince again and again till we get it!
but im certain that everything happen to us for reasons
beyond our understanding at the time! so the choice we
have is between love or fear! we either go through the
challenges fully conscious or in state of denial and lost!

i want this new year becomes the matter of present moment!
meaning: less bounded to hours, days, clocks and schedules
but to live in the timeless state of love fallowing my heart in
a fullest potential of my being! as in the depths of our heart
there is no time but only true essence of love.
as Rumi exclaims: "steps out of the circle of time 
and into the circle of love."

i dont have a clue about whether this new year is the beginning
of the end (according to Mayan calendar) or beginning of the
beginning, or perhaps just another year, but i do have an idea
that im going to do my best to live my desires, dreams & wishes!

i love it when John Jenkins in the interview by Carrie Grossman
said,  "my advice to people for 2012 is my same advice for life
in general: be open in love or closed in fear; you choose. 
your experience will thereby be determined.

happy 2012 everyone! wish all your dreams come true!

[above is a foto journal, a summary of my snap shots through
the holiday season. they are different corners, occasions and
moments at my place that i cherished and got inspired by!]

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