Thursday, January 26, 2012

if i only lived in Australia.......

you heard me in my previous post talking about my love affair with woven baskets
and for that my desire to go as far as africa to learn the craft from masters!
however, in my search for workshops around here, i ended up finding a weaving
day course by Harriet Goodall in Australia!
oh no! australia is just as far to go for a workshop!

considering that every culture has weaving techniques for
creating baskets or such from natural material, i might just
watch some birds for a while to see how they make their nest!
hee hee hee
loose or tight.....all organic shapes....all natural......rounded....
.....soft but tough.......  earthy fibers......oh my goodness....
i barely can wait to try my hands at making such things!
[photos of Harriet’s work by Chris Chen]

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