Thursday, April 5, 2012

what do you choose given choices?.....

the other day driving on highway I passed 
this message on a billboard:
"choose values over valuables....."
it sparked a new series of thoughts in my 
mind on what i choose if im given choices!
it goes something like this:
if im to choose values over valuables i choose values.

and i came up with even more:
i choose to feel life than live life
i choose me over else
i choose real moments than nonsense hours
i choose old stories over shiny new objects
i choose experiences over lessons
i choose a smile over talking
although it is totally not making sense
i choose tomorrow over now!
(p.s. the sense of anticipation for a new
tomorrow is just too good that i can easily
miss now! and that has been one of my
weakness as far as im aware of!) 

i choose to stop this list for today!
hee hee hee

[fotos by me of my little piece of white Lillac
sitting by kitchen window. it cheers me up every
time i pass it and make me feel grateful for having
choices in life! i feel lucky be able to choose!]

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