Tuesday, April 10, 2012

go back to where you think you started.......

It is a beautiful rainy day! although i'm a bit disappointed that it is not
as bright as what i was hopping for but i like rain anyhow!

I could not help but to share the amazing bright fotos from my favorite
food blogger Cannelle et Vanille here on my own page. the styling
and the freshness of the fotos just brought a big a smile to my face!
and i hope they do the same for you too!

i received the illustration book by my new favorite artist Paul Madonna.
i'm telling you this book has become my bible (Go-to) place for the last
three days around the house! the details of his drawings and his stories
are really amazing! i hope i get a chance to meet the artist one day in SF!

I leave you with one of his writings from "everything is its own rewards"
that i think goes with the images above! metaphorically speaking! hee hee

"Go back to where you think you started."

Have a "sunny" rainy day! regardless!

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