Thursday, October 30, 2014

A place like no others......

Between the sky and sea
there is a magical place
that is almost impossible to describe

peace lives lively
nature hugs you loudly
and colors dance brightly

days starts in beautiful mist & late
the birds chirp and whistle on bushes
and chickens have an island

where cats are adored .....
in black, golden and gray

where ...
stories have spirit
dreams become real
possibilities seem endless
and masks have a kingdom

mistletoe grow on trees
walnuts are cracked under trees
and chestnuts are for free

there is this magical place
that is not far away
where you get lost in wanderlust

I'm burning with light
that I found you, felt you, smelled you
and was touched by the kindness of your creators!

October 12-24, 20014
Moncorniel-Grazan = Cassaet

1 comment:

  1. Thanks a lot Elie ! Hope being able to hug you again, one day !
    Sending you much love and joy !