Tuesday, June 10, 2014

a gift to earth...

a birth day card i put together to send to a very special person. a true gift to earth.
[photos are not mine i wish they were]

the wording i wrote to her for her birth day:

this year....

my soul got lost,
the time I entered the widest coast.

my heart was drowned,
the time I swam the deepest ground.

darkness surrounds me, unknowingly…

how can I fight,
If I don't see the light?
how can I go on,
If I feel that I'm all alone?
and how can I be me?
If I already loss myself, unknowingly…

but In the middle of this difficulty,
there are people like you
who stayed beside me
with eyes washed with tears
when no words were needed
to say all we wanted to say

I found you again, unknowingly…

I never thought that we will share all this
I never thought that we will be as this close
I never thought that our experience could change us this far

but i know
because of those like you I need to heal, unknowingly.....

and i know
I can thank universe
for my life blessings still
for you, her and all those who touched me

hope we can keep and make our connection even stronger
hope we can grow deeper into realm of reality
hope we can talk eyes to eyes even more so

after what you been through...
after what I've been  through....
after  what we all been through....
I still want to celebrate you and me and our lives...
till our hairs turn into gray…
unknowingly......we will still be the same in loving one another as who we are but nothing else.

happy birthday...........

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