Wednesday, February 20, 2013

less is more.....the space i want for living.......

this house looks like a dream space to me; the simple white vintage feeling....
the bed.... the wedgewood stove.....the japaneses white clay toiro
donabe pot and the tumbleweed (on top of the white ref)! seeing these
fotos took me back in the memory line to my own old room growing up
with  my parents back home!
i remember i was in love with tumbleweeds and dried natural branches!
i used to cut and pick them when visiting the country side on weekends!
rounded, edgy and perfect to decorate my room! once i had three huge
ones arranged in the corner of my room sitting on top of each other!
huge display for a month til my mom throw them out  (they took so
much of space she claimed)! begging my dad to let me fit the bushes in
the car to bring home was the hardest part! they took too much of car
sitting space that nobody could fit in or even wanted to sit close to their
spiky thorns! to me they were as precious as (or even more so) any artistic
sculptures! with such texture and rounded shape they were perfect and
looked amazingly good in the room with my simple earthy clay ceramic wall
and  plate/pots pieces i was collecting then!
Oh...... well.....i left that room around 20 years ago but the picture is engraved
in my soul of that corner in my room with a huge rounded bushy tumbleweed
looking as an art instalation. perhaps that can explains why i stilll can help
myself but bring home found pieces of nature home to reuse in my
living space and decorate my surrounding!

{fotos from here }

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