Monday, December 24, 2012

The day before Xmas......

This is one of cards I made for Xmas.
It was funny how for this season I was so inspired
to go with xmas tree theme and made perhaps around
50 cards of watercolor moon and stitching xmas trees
in different shapes and colors, mostly red!
they each came out so beautiful that i could not stop
myself from making another and another!
some are gone and some are given away, but
for sure this year was the most Christmasy year of all!
also Ive been working for a stationary company (Minted)
who makes personalized holiday cards. everyday at work
i was uploading different template of holiday cards and
putting personal fotos and wordings! Oh Gosh.....You have
no ideas how bombard I felt with merry xmas, happy holiday
and happy everything wordings in every files i opened to
work on!!!!
anyway........if you've got one of my cards....good for you!
if you have not but wish so please write to me
and ask for it......i love to send you one!
there was so much joy making every single of them.
happy everything.........wish you peace and ability
to "dream" and visualize what you want from santa
for the upcoming year!

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