Wednesday, November 21, 2012

give me more walnuts........

Don't you just want to go ahead and decorate your whole living space with walnuts 
after seeing these fotos! I sure I do! My love for walnut everything is just growing 
bigger and bigger! This is the time of year when walnuts are right after harvest and 
as fresh as they can be! (you know that old oily flavor of walnuts when they are 
from last year! no?) I am not sure if my slight obsession with this nut is because 
of the fact that growing up we had a walnut tree in our family country side garden that 
we would go to visit on weekends or just somethings else, but whatever that is I love it! 
From the stage of peeling fresh green skin cracking brown nutshells to get to 
still very fresh white nuts.....and then soaking it in salty water and eating them...
it's all make me crave it at this season more than I can expalin! I have vivid memories 
dealing with my black hands stained from touching and peeling the green first peels of
the nutsfor weeks after weeks.....but what ever it took we were wiling to take it to get
to the meat of the fresh nuts! my affair with walnut never let me pass this season without 
buying a bag of walnut in shells from fresh farm market and cracking them at home one 
by open hoping that i would get at least one whole nut ( two sides attached) out of shell 
without creaking it to little we small pieces!. it is always challenging as you might know!

fotos by dietlind wolf  

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