Wednesday, September 28, 2011

> aesthetic aspects of things

Today im inspired again to live my artistic life to the fullest. to create and to make what i always wanted and inspired by. im overwhelmed by joy at the moment. i can do it and i will.
i found these very beautiful art pieces on etsy made by an artist. please go check her out and read how she came up to make these. very inspiring and uplifting. thank you Jessie! you made my day!
this is how she made them as she explained on her etsy site:
I lost a blue mesh shirt while tubing over waterfalls in Alabama's Cahaba river. When I found it downstream, wrapped around a rock, it gave me an idea. I scoured the bottom of the river and emerged with these four perfectly smooth stones.
I hand-dyed a soft cotton t-shirt and used a hand-shredding technique to create a fabulous lace-like texture, then sewed the fabric around the river rocks.

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